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Since powermeters first became the training aid of choice the goal has been to combine accuracy and reliability in one simple design

Well InfoCrank has done it …

Designed from the ground up, torque is taken directly from each crank, giving readings for separate legs as well the usual combined figure.

Add to that, beautifully designed custom built cranks, CNC machined pockets for the strain gauges, world class ‘Praxis’ chainrings and bottom brackets along with industry standard ANT+ connectivity and you can see why Infocrank is set to change the world of power measurement as we know it. is not only the place to buy your InfoCranks but also a place to learn more about cycling, how to train with power and potentially find coaches, training camps and sportives to use them on. To train efficiently and get more fitness for the time and effort you put in, you need to measure the work you are doing – and all of us here have been working with power from the very beginning.


The InfoCrank power meter measures the true force driving the bike forward. When you push on the pedals, it’s only the tangential forces that drive the bike forward. The rest is just noise.


 The InfoCrank power meter uses a magnetic sensor to measure your cadence – that is, the rate of your cycling pedal stroke measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).


 Power is measured in Watts (W). It’s the product of cadence (rpm) and torque (Nm). Knowing your power input is the single most beneficial cycling training aid any serious cyclist can have to improve performance and ride efficiently.

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What Our Customers Say

  • “Being able to accurately assess my cycling has helped me improve immensely, Thanks InfoCrank!”
    Matt Jefferson
  • “Looks great on my bike and works so well”
    Linda Johnson
  • “I now have the power! I use it all the time InfoCrank is so reliable!”
    Michael Jones, London

Some of InfoCranks Features

Over 500 hours battery life

You can ride for 3 hours a day 4 days a week and only have to change the batteries once a year.

Factory-calibrated for life

Factory calibrated means no need to recalibrate…ever!

Duel crank measurement

Perfect pedal technique with power from both legs

ANT+ bike computer compatible

Wireless communications: ANT+ protocol

Accurate torque

 ±0.2 Nm accuracy for measurements Below 20 Nm, and ±1% of actual readings for Measurements above 20 Nm (ask for our Accuracy Certification) is an Affiliate Dealer in the UK of Verve Cycling, an Australian company
that designs and develops InfoCrank® and other technical products for cycling power measurement.